8th Grade Promotion

May 7, 2013
Dear Parents of the Class of 2017,

In the life cycle of a school year May is our busiest month.  This week we will celebrate the 8th grade promotion in conjunction with our Founder’s Day Mass and Celebration.  It is also our tradition to honor our 50th Anniversary graduates at this time as well.

It seems particularly fitting that we celebrate these two “Rites of Passage” on the day that we call “Founder’s Day” and celebrate the life of the Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools-Saint John Baptist de La Salle.  We hope that all of our parents will be able to join the school community and their sons and daughters as we celebrate their entrance into high school.  At this time they will make the Cavalier Pledge and promise to promote the Lasallian values that they are being taught.

The eighth graders will report to school as usual on Friday, May 10, in their uniforms.  All the boys are required to wear a tie as is usual for days we go to Mass.  This ceremony will take place in the De La Salle cafeteria.  When the Mass has ended, the 8th graders will be dismissed and will be allowed to leave with their parents.  The rest of the school will be dismissed around noon.

There will be reserved seating in the cafeteria for the students and the 50th year graduates so we ask all parents to please respect the reserved areas.  We expect that each 8th grader will invite three to four family members.  If you will be inviting additional family members, please call or email Marilyn D’Antoni so we can provide additional seating ([email protected] or 895-5717 ext 113).

We will be practicing with the class on Thursday of this week, and we look forward to seeing you at the Mass.  Thank you for entrusting your daughters and sons to us.  These high school years go by so quickly, and it is such a pleasure for all of us to be a part of the lives of these young people.


Peggy St. John

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