In the De La Salle classroom, you will find dynamic teachers who inspire young minds to grow and develop. From eighth to twelfth grade, our faculty presents a comprehensive college model academic program that challenges students to reach their full potential.

  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School and the State of Louisiana
  • Deemed a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education
  • Offers a college preparatory program of studies with multiple level courses to provide flexibility for individual differences and abilities.
  • The faculty is comprised of experienced and highly qualified teachers: 50% of classroom teachers have an advanced degree.
  • Advanced Placement Accreditation
  • Graduates earn 32 high school credits
  • Average Class Size: 22

The De La Salle curriculum follows a college model and is anchored by a 90-minute class schedule for each semester. Our curriculum is an intensive approach to learning and incorporating active student participation.

(90-100) 4 Grade Points
B (80-89) 3 Grade Points
(72-79) 2 Grade Points
D (66-71) 1 Grade Point
(less than or equal to 65) 0 Grade Points
Honors and AP courses are given an additional one (+1) and an additional one point five (+1.5) Grade Point respectively.

Academic Curriculum


8th Grade (8 Total Credits) 8th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
Language Arts* Language Arts Honors*
Pre-Algebra Algebra I Honors*
Earth Science Earth Science
World Geography Latin I Honors
Religion Religion
Band or String Orchestra or Chorus Band or String Orchestra or Chorus
Physical Education / Health

9th Grade (8 Total Credits) 9th Grade (8 Total Credits)
English I* English I Honors*
Algebra I* Algebra I Honors* or Geometry Honors
Biology Biology Honors
Western Civilization Western Civilization Honors
Religion I Latin II Honors
Physical Education / Health Religion I
Physical Education / Health

10th Grade (8 Total Credits) 10th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
English II English II Honors
Geometry Geometry Honors or Algebra II Honors
Physical Science Physical Science Honors
World History AP World History*
Religion II Religion II
Spanish I or French I Latin II H or Fine Arts
Fine Arts Physical Education/Health (as needed)
Physical Education / Health (as needed)

11th Grade (8 Total Credits) 11th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
English III English III Honors
Algebra II Pre-Calculus Honors
US History AP US History*
Chemistry Chemistry Honors or AP Chemistry
Spanish II or French II Religion III
Religion III Electives** (2 Credits -see below)
Electives** (2 Credits -see below)

12th Grade (8 Total Credits) 12th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
English IV English IV H / AP English*
Pre-Calculus or Dual Enrollment Algebra AP Calculus*
Civics AP Government
Physics or Environmental Science Biology II Honors
Religion IV Religion IV
Electives** (3 credits -see below) Electives** (3 Credits -see below)

* Signifies a two-semester course

** Electives include certain courses listed above as designed for upperclassmen, such as Earth Science and World Geography; electives may change from year to year, but they generally include the following courses:


ACT Prep
AP Human Geography
Art I, II, III, and IV
Athletic PE
Business Communications
Dual Enrollment Trigonometry
French III and IV
Latin III and IV
Publications I
Publications II
Spanish III and IV
String Orchestra
Teacher Intern


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