Faculty Friday Spotlight, Bryan Cole


Mathematics Department and Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

When you ask Bryan Cole how long he has been coaching and teaching, the answer makes you realize why people call teaching and coaching a vocation. Bryan has been a coach since he was 17 years old when he started coaching at the playgrounds. He soon realized that his true passion was coaching and teaching. Although Bryan got his start at the playgrounds, he has taught and coached at many high schools in New Orleans, including Rummel, Dominican, and Crescent City. He has been the assistant coach to the varsity boys basketball team at De La Salle for over 10 years.
“Coach Cole is an exceptional teacher and coach, and he truly embodies our ideals of service, humility, and dedication.  He works very hard to understand and appreciate the background of his students so as to better prepare his classes for outstanding instruction.” –Principal, Paul Kelly ’83
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