Four Cavaliers tour Massachusetts Maritime Academy Training Ship


Several Cavaliers had the opportunity to tour the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Training Ship Kennedy earlier this week while it was in New Orleans. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is one of six state maritime academies in the United States.

Zack Webb, Katie Hansche, Bailey Murphy and Madeline Salmon
Visited the ship accompanied by College Counselor Mrs. Kerri Caruso. “We were invited to tour the ship and have an admissions presentation where DLS students could meet cadets and members of the Admissions staff,” Mrs. Caruso said, “and these four students attended.”

This was one stop on a six-week sea term, where 600 students at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy rotate through class, labs, and training drills. In addition to New Orleans, the TS Kennedy also made stops in Aruba, Jamaica, and Bahamas.

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