March 2018 Students of the Month

Congratulations to March’s Students of the Month!

Morgan Pelman, 8th Grade
(Pre-Algebra, nominated by Mr. Cusachs)

Morgan is a pleasure to teach, and she always has a smile on her face. Morgan is always attentive in class and participates, volunteering throughout the class period. Morgan has a very strong work ethic, and her preparation for class is excellent.




Henry France, 9th Grade
(Religion I, nominated by Mrs. Ellis)

Henry France is always prepared for class.  Should anyone need supplies, Henry readily offers whatever he has.  He is usually the first to answer a question, and he is the first to congratulate or help others.  He is very respectful to me and everyone else in class.




Maya Major, 10th Grade
(Spanish I, nominated by Mr. Chiantella)

Maya stands out in class for her approach to class in her determination and diligence. Maya approaches learning Spanish with a willingness to learn new concepts and works through the material by her structured approach in class. Always prompt and eager to jump into the work and ask questions, Maya embodies the qualities of a diligent student.




Gabriel France, 11th Grade
(AP US History, nominated by Mrs. Rogers)

Gabe enlivens our US History class with his curiosity and positive attitude. He is always eager to learn about new topics and regularly adds to class discussions with his own outside knowledge. Gabe has grown as a student over the past couple of months. I most appreciate the fact that Gabe responds to new project assignments with enthusiasm.




Keleigh Stallings, 12th Grade
(Art V, nominated by Madame Gravel)

Keleigh is always ready to help and create amazing projects.  She has designed the “Food Truck Friday” logo; she has painted the portrait for the play Harvey; she has participated in the “Lasallian World Contest;” and she has painted signs for Mr. Bonura.  She has completed those artworks on top of her classwork and helping me with different projects.


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