Students of the Month Announced for December 2016

De La Salle Student of the Month GautreauxFelicity Gautreaux, 8th Grade  (Pre-Algebra, nominated by Coach Poree)

Felicity is an extremely hard worker who excels at accepting challenges. She is not afraid to fail, which is why she has been so successful at De La Salle. She is completely “bought in” to De la Salle, and she is involved in many activities outside of the classroom.







De La Salle Student of the Month LorioEric Lorio, 9th Grade  (Western Civ, nominated by Coach Karl)

Eric is an extremely hard worker and a well-rounded young man.  Eric told me in the first quarter that his goal was to earn the Gold or Silver card in all of his classes.  Eric worked extremely hard in my class and reached his goal by earning the Gold card in the second quarter.  Eric also made a large donation to the food drive, which demonstrates the type of person he is.  Eric is the epitome of a Cavalier!



De La Salle Student of the Month, DitcharoGina Ditcharo, 10th Grade  (Religion II, nominated by Mr. Martineau)

Gina is a model student. Each day Gina comes to class prepared, comports herself in an exemplary manner, and produces top-notch work. Demonstrating her selfless nature, she works with and helps several struggling students, while also maintaining her gold card-winning ethic.





De La Salle Student of the Month

Alex Pham, 11th Grade (Spanish II, nominated by Senora Palacios)

Alex has been an outstanding student in this class; Alex is a diligent student whose work consistently reflects great care and effort.  Alex is a quiet student, but always an active listener.






De La Salle Student of the Month Johnson

Jackie Johnson, 12th Grade (Art II, nominated by Madame Gravel)

Jackie was very helpful in Art class. She is very gifted, and she was more than happy to help other students. She has helped me with special projects, including the Malala project, and she always has an upbeat attitude.


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