Cavalier Fest – Friday August 30th

Cavalier Family and Uptown Neighbors,
All of you are cordially invited to participate in our annual Cavalier Fest activities this Friday August 30th. The activities begin as soon as school is dismissed at 2:45 PM. There will be FREE food, music and fun for all ages. The festivities will continue all evening long culminating with a pep rally at 5:15 and the band leading the Cavalier march to Newman for the football jamboree versus the Newman Greenies. Game time is scheduled for 7:00 PM at Newmans Lupin Field. Admission to the jamboree is $5 for students and $7 for adults. We will have tickets for sale at Cavalier Fest. We highly encourage you to purchase your tickets at Cavalier Fest as the line at the stadium tends to get very long.

After the jamboree, the entire student body is invited to attend the “Flashback Friday” Back to School Dance. Cost of the dance is $7 and students from all other catholic high schools and catholic elementary schools are invited as well (as long as they are with a De La Salle student). All students are asked to bring their student ID card to verify their enrollment. Students are also encouraged to dress up in their favorite outfit from the 1920s through the 1980s. The dance will end at 11:30 PM (regardless of what it gets started after the jamboree). All students who need to be picked up must be picked up at 11:30 PM. Failure to be picked up on time could result in that student not being allowed to attend future dances.

During the school day on Friday, we will have a special schedule with an extended lunch period to accommodate our annual Club Fair. All of our extra curricular activities and organizations will have presentations displaying what they do so that our students can find the organization that fits their own personality. Signs will be posted around campus directing students to where each organization will be presenting.

Friday is also our first Maroon and White Dress Down Day of the school year. Below is an exert from page 58 of the De La Salle Student Handbook regarding the rules to follow when participating in a Maroon and White Dress Down Day.


There are occasions when students are allowed to dress

in casual clothes for school. This is not an ordinary practice

and is reserved for special circumstances. This event is usually

allowed to reward a “special” group or activity. Students will

be told what is allowable for specific dress down days from the

Office of the Dean of Students.

De La Salle Maroon and White Days – Students are allowed

to wear a shirt that displays the name of the school. Only De La

Salle shirts or De La Salle t-shirts are allowed on these days.

Jeans are the appropriate pants on these days.



DOWN DAYS. Appropriate jeans should be worn on all dress

down days. Shoes must always be worn with socks on school

days. This includes dress down days unless special permission

is given.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action and the possibility of not being allowed to participate in future dress down days.

If you have any further questions, please contact Johnny Collins at 503-7636 or [email protected].

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