Faculty Spotlight, Kate Cunningham


Math Department | Mu Alpha Theta Moderator | A.C.E. Moderator

Kate Cunningham came to New Orleans and De La Salle in the Fall of 2013. She teaches Algebra II and moderates the Mu Alpha Theta Club. Mu Alpha Theta includes 11 students and they will be competing March 30 through April 1 at the State Mu Alpha Theta competition. Kate believes that the team will perform well in this year’s competition.

“Mrs. Cunningham leads our math club, Mu Alpha Theta, and our ACE program, which instructs students in architecture, construction, and engineering.  She connects math to the “real world,” helping her students see the need for the application of mathematical concepts in different professions.” –Principal, Paul Kelly ’83
Kate also moderates the Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE) Mentor program at De La Salle. The program brings professionals from one of the three fields to De La Salle every other week to work with students in the program on a year long project. The project allows them to learn each of the fields as they relate to the project. Last year the ACE program redesigned a building on campus into a multi-use building. Kate helps the kids work on their project when the mentors are not there. She mentors them with blueprint design, computer design programs, construction bid creation, and more.
Kate earned her M.Ed. from Temple University. During her free time, Kate enjoys taking her son, Matthew, to the playground with her husband, Dave. She also enjoys cooking and road tripping.
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