Parent-Teacher Conferences Thursday, September 15, 4pm-7pm




Thursday, September 15
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (teachers are available during these hours)
We strongly encourage parents to attend Parent – Teacher conferences on this date. 
We ask that you limit conferences to a maximum of 8 minutes.
If you need a longer conversation with a particular teacher, please arrange an appointment at a later date.
The following teachers have professional responsibilities off-campus, and they will not be in attendance on Thursday:
Mr. Tony Behan (Senior Religion)
Ms. Gabrielle Bethancourt (Sophomore English / Spanish)
Ms. Melissa Grubbs (Physical Education)
Mr. Justin Martineau (Sophomore Religion)

These teachers will have a sign-up sheet posted on their classroom doors should you wish to leave your name and ask for a call-back or appointment time.
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