Principals Weekly Letter

October 22, 2012
Dear Cavalier Parents,

They say, “Time flies by when you are having fun”. It seems like quarter one passed by so quickly. As we look back upon the quarter, it was filled with great moments to remember and some moments we would rather forget (Hurricane Isaac). As we begin quarter two, it is an opportunity to make changes where necessary in order to make this semester as great as possible.

I would like to challenge each student at De La Salle to get involved during this second quarter.  The support and encouragement of the parents is truly appreciated. Over my 30 years of experience, I have noticed that the students who are involved at De La Salle are the ones who truly give back to their school and do not have the time to get into “trouble”.  If you attend a volleyball game or football game, it is not hard to notice the dedicated Athletes, Cheerleaders, Cavalettes, Band Members, Color Guard, Managers and Fans who truly love their school and choose to be an active participant. You can attend a Swim Meet or Cross Country Meet and see the dedication of our Swimmers and Runners. On Saturdays we have students who represent De La Salle and compete in math tournaments, chess tournaments, or in various Walks for a Cause or even service projects (Boo at the Zoo).  I thank God for the blessing of so many students who choose to get involved and truly make their mark as they pass through De La Salle!

As we look ahead this week, we have a “BIG” volleyball game this Wednesday against Ursuline. This is the annual PINK volleyball game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Students are encouraged to buy the pink t-shirts and there will be a dress down day Wednesday. De La Salle usually has a great turnout for the PINK game and we hope that students, faculty, staff and parents will make an attempt to support our volleyball team and at the same time support Breast Cancer Awareness.

This Thursday we have a Football game at Jefferson Playground at 7pm and this is a special game where we recognize our Senior Football Players, Senior Managers, Senior Cheerleaders, Senior Cavalettes, Senior Band Members and Senior Color Guard Members.  There is limited seating at Jefferson Playground so you may want to arrive early to see the Senior Presentations.

As we end this quarter, grades will be updated on Edline on Tuesday, October 23rd. Remember to contact the teacher first if there are any questions. If teachers are not updating Edline on a weekly basis, please send an e-mail to Mr. Buras ([email protected]). Communication is important and we appreciate your input (positive or negative).

Wishing everyone a great 2nd Quarter filled with success (inside and outside the classroom)!

Live, Jesus, In Our Hearts,

Peggy St. John

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