Scheduling Timeline, Spring of 2016


Scheduling Timeline, Spring of 2016

Ms. Kerri Caruso (current 11th graders)
  Ms. Ana Garcia (current 10th graders)
  Mr. John Charles (current 9th graders)
  Mr. Paul Kelly (current 8th graders)


Week of April 4th – 8th

Faculty Tracking Binders in workroom (teachers track students and initial—due Friday, April 8th, 4 pm)

Teachers begin communicating with students regarding any changes in tracking.


Week of April 18th  – 22nd

Monday through Thursday, one lunch schedules:  level meetings at lunch to verify tracking of students.


Monday, April 18th

Level Assemblies for current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders
Students will list potential electives and turn in choices.

(Assembly will last approximately 40 minutes)

C Period:  11th graders
D Period: 9th graders
B Period 10th graders


Wednesday, April 20th

Students are given their tracked courses sheet and their electives sheet. Students have until Thursday, April 28th, to receive teacher approval for their courses.


Wednesday, April 27th

Teachers are asked to be in classrooms from 2.00-3.00 pm on Wednesday afternoon, April 27th, to meet with students who still need signatures or advising (please see Paul Kelly if you cannot be available at this time).


Week of April 25th – 29th

Schedule Advisors meet individually with students and communicate with parents via email as needed (individual conferences will take place outside of class time if at all possible)

Schedule Advisors prepare final course selection sheets for students and distribute to students for final parent/student signatures.


Week of May 2nd – 6th

Students turn in signed schedules (both student and parent signatures) to appropriate Schedule Advisor.

Students who do not return signed schedules will be scheduled “as is.”

Schedule Advisors finalize schedules, individual conference with students as necessary, and project section numbers for courses.

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